Below is a showcase of previous developments including educational/research projects, game jams, and vertical slices. Most were made within a few days to a few months.



Buypartisan is a video game based on a board game supervised and designed by Larry Bogad. It illustrates the impact of money on corrupting elections. One of the earliest projects recieved from ModLab, this was created with 8 team members over the course of 3 months.

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“Economusic: Keeping Score” is a performance concept software supervised and created under Larry Bogad. In this piece, economic data is converted into music and performed with a great deal of audience participation. Using this program, the performer can have the computer play many different hand-traced data lines using any from a large choice of instruments–from digeredoo to choir voices. 6 team members, 2 month development time.

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Intro to research 101

Intro to Research is an upcoming course that is required for all UC students to take through Canvas. The original project proposal was to convert the entire course into a game, but after budgeting and time considerations, the game is now a small mystery exploration game that counts as the course's assignment. Students may experience a rich story while solving puzzles in order to understand the story. 6 team members, 1 year development time.


Cyberlearning research

A cyberlearning research proposal by Jorge Peña, Narine Yegiyan, and Oliver Kreylos exploring how media features and design cues in virtual contexts influence memory, affect, and user physiological reactions and behaviors. Under the supervision of Jorge Peña, we created a program and the workflow of importing a user's appearance within a VR classroom enviorment. Initial project: 1 Developer, 3 months developing time.

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FnF Demo Scene.png

Fortresses and fairies

FnF is a tabletop simulator multiplayer VR game. It allows players to sit around a table and place tokens on the table for an adventure that the dungeon master guides through. The DM can change the surrounding enviorments and music to enhance the immersion, but the game still honors its pen-and-paper style gameplay.


please, let me

Please, Let Me is an Undertale inspired VR RPG. The player explores a foreign world that has been covertely invaded by other-worldy beings. Game mechanics include exploration and 3D bullet-hell. 1 Developer, 3 month development time. (4).gif


A vertical slice idea of a VR MMORPG (Sword Art Online esque). A merchant stall is set up with items where players can browse, inspect details, and bargain. 2 team members, 1 week development time.