Development Services

We offer end-to-end product delivery including consultation, budgeting, hiring, training, development, and insured quality assurance. We have vast experiences in developing software for educational institutions as well as prototyping games to those who wants to test ideas. Our focus on project management ensures professional grade functionality at a fraction of the cost compared to other studios.



Is necessary... and for free! The amount of planning, budgeting, and time that it takes going into development is frequently underestimated - this is why we provide the means to take on this daunting task via consultation and thorough planning. We will communicate clearly what we expect from the client as well as what the client can expect from us. Understanding all aspects of production will help achieve a realistic goal that fits the client's needs. 


Once a budget is offered, a plan is set up to determine how many developers can be on board for a certain amount of time, including any emergency changes. We provide high quality services for a fraction of a price of other developers and studios due to our work flow efficiency, effective use of resources and management. Do note that there is a minimum amount of budget for us to work with in order to complete a functional project - this depends on the project and would be given upon consultation. 


We will hire contractors (mostly students and sometimes freelancers) through our interview process to match the right people with the right project. We have in-house training that can upscale students on project management to assure quality and timed delivery on the projects. 


We participate in the initial development architecture design phase to ensure future development goes through smoothly (and sometimes help with prototyping). The team will report weekly (or on an agreed schedule) with the client to make sure progress is going smoothly within the timeline. 

Quality assurance

A major part of a finished product is quality assurance - making sure no bugs or critical errors can hinder the functionality of the project. We also make sure to write detailed documentation for Design Documents and Coding Practices to ensure that when the project needs to be altered by the client or future students, they will be able to follow easy steps to do so.


examples projects

For details about these projects, please visit the Showcases page.



Supervised under Larry Bogad and ModLab, the initial project took 6 programmers, 1 artist and 1 musician over 3 months to create. Weekly meetings with Professor Bogad began a month before the project started as well as over the course of development to ensure the client's needs were communicated clearly.



Supervised under Larry Bogad and ModLab with the same team. This project took 2 months and overlapped with the development time with Buypartisan - requiring lots of focus on daily communication between programmers.


cyberlearning research

Supervised under Jorge Peña, the intial project took 1 programmer over 3 months to make. With the programmer's proficiency in both VR and development, communication between the client and programmer was quick and clear, drastically reducing the original project schedule (around 50% time saved).


intro to research 101

One of the largest projects we recieved. Supervised under Angelique Louie, we contributed one month into consulting how technically possible the project was. A lot of pre-game design was done to have a better picture of the entire schedule. A more formal interview process was needed to gather the right talent, and it was estimated to be finished with 6 team members over the course of 1 year. Currently the development team is ahead of the original schedule. 


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