We began as the Game Development & Arts Club @ UC Davis...


and now, alumni of the club have created a game studio, Dream Vial. We provide professional end-to-end service for software development in the form of games oriented towards research and entertainment for educational institutions by employing independent contractors. Our previous development experience allows us to take on all aspects of project management efficiently so every new development cycle proceeds smoothly. Educational institutions often do not have the knowledge for software development - thus, through consultation, we are able to negotiate better pay and work expectations for our contractors. Once on board, we support and train our contractors to improve their technical skills as well as provide opportunities for them to be in fast-paced development teams. 

We urge you should sign up for our mailing list if you...

  • Are looking to improve your skill - writing, programming, art, music, team management, etc.
  • Have a desire to gain practical knowledge and skills, especially in the field of software development
  • Are looking for experience in working with small teams and short development cycles
  • Like making software (especially games)!
  • Want a secure way to receive a wage, units, course requirement, authorship, or transcript notation
  • Want to put "worked under a game studio" in your resume
  • Want to learn more about the field of software or game development

Most importantly, it does not matter if you're a student, graduate, hobbyist, unemployed, cook, doctor, mail man... So what are you waiting for?


What can you expect after signing up for our mailing list? 

We'll be sending out updates about upcoming projects and other contractor related information. Whenever we receive a project request with adequate budget, we email the listing for applications. Resume reviews and online interviews will be hosted by us (there is a small pool of competition due to us matching projects with their regions). Once teams are formed, we then manage the teams and communication with the client until development ends.