Based in San Francisco, CA, we strive to turn fantasies and imagination into something real.

Besides creating virtual reality experiences and games, we provide development and art asset services - take a look at our services (above).




Michael Lee - Co-Dreamer


  • Likes to attend all game and VR meetups and surround himself with like-minded developers. Wants to show the world the magic of VR
  • Likes to prototype random ideas in UE4
  • Developed VR research platforms and game courses for UC Davis, as well as promoting a new and large game community in Davis
  • Developed Mind The Trap multiplayer co-op betrayal game,
  • Very human-like
  • Loves VR, food, anime, tv shows, movies, games, piano, cooking, hiking, and meditation
  • Personal portfolio:


Eric mAI - Dreamsmith

  • Dwells in the world of imagination in an attempt to create world that can only happen in dreams.
  • Pursuing the path in creating something through visual design. ie through VR, 3D, Graphic, Concept design and more.
  • Always looking for a new way to express ideas on many forms of media.
  • Studies in many forms of design work through different software like Maya, Photoshop, Krita and more.
  • Ambitious to increase my arsenal with new forms of creation.
  • Eager to explore new possibilities of making my imagination come to life.
  • Personal Portfolio: EricMaiPortfolio  

Khang Nguyen - Co-Dreamer


  • Trembles with excitement at the inevitabilities of VR
  • Spent the majority of his gaming life in level editors, SDK's, and later, 3D design software and game engines
  • Created well known mods for games under a pseudonym until legal ramifications and engine-related bugs forced him to stop
  • Consulted for VR research projects and held workshops about game development
  • Listens to music and soundtracks to imagine new worlds 
  • Allergic to certain fruit but still likes the taste
  • Loves to meet people and is constantly learning more about the industry